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Immediately below are the most recent "recommendations" from current colleagues and supervisors as reflected at my "linked-in" account under the name Al Byers. Beneath this is a link to NSTA Learning Center testimonials, and finally commendations from when I designed and delivered face-to-face PD programming for NASA as an Aerospace Education Specialist is provided at the bottom.

Linked-In Recommendations

“As a seasoned senior executive, Al has mastered proven leadership and management practices to produce a work climate for his managers and employees at NSTA that exemplifies innovation, results, and accountability. Coupling his executive practices with his in-depth knowledge of instructional technology and e-Learning research and practice makes him a national expert and visionary in his field. Having known and worked with Al for over 15 years at both NASA and NSTA, I put him in the top 1% of all of the professionals with whom I have worked in my 35 years in the field of education. August 9, 2011.

Frank C. Owens, President, FCO Consulting; NASA, Senior Executive Service and Director of Education, 1996-2002 NSTA, Associate Executive Director, 2004-2008”

“I think Al is one of the best thinkers in the area of e-learning. He's is a visionary... one of the best I know. And, unlike a lot of visionaries, Al turns his visions into reality, often by conquering significant challenges of technologies, economics, and deadlines.” September 8, 2011.

Gerry Wheeler, CEO, Wheeler Group; Executive Director Emeritus, National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), 2008-present. Executive Director NSTA, 1996-2008.

“Al has consistently over the years provided crucial leadership to major NASA K-12 programs and services. Al has a deep knowledge in research on teaching and learning in areas of science and eLearning that he has brought to bear in work and recommendations made to NASA in development and shaping of new efforts. He has organized a stellar and committed team to tasks and this has enabled quick wins as well as embedded an infrastructure to ensure near and long term successes. Al is an asset to the National Science Teacher Association leadership team; and has been to NASA Education, too.” July 3, 2011.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Dr. Shelley Canright, Manager, Elementary, Secondary, and eEducation. NASA Education, Headquarters.


“I have worked with Dr. Al Byers on a variety of projects in his role as Assistant Executive Director at NSTA. Due to Al's leadership, NSTA is recognized as an international leader for the use of instructional technology to support teaching and learning. Al specializes in the planning and implementation of successful technology-enhanced solutions in the face of challenging logistics and institutional needs. Al Byers is gifted in his ability to bring together diverse stakeholders to work collaboratively on projects at national, state and district levels. Al's leadership style produces a warm professional atmosphere where every team member feels valued. As an experienced executive leader, Al consistently serves as a catalyst to intrinsically motivate those around him to high levels of productivity. John Putnam, Director of Personnel Former Senior R&D Specialist, WV State Science Coordinator, Transformation Specialist, Principal, and Teacher” August 20, 2011.

John Putnam, Director of Personnel, Roane County Schools


“Within the broad playing field of science and technology education there are few who can truly synthesize emerging trends from across the myriad sectors that influence both education systems and the professional practices of educators; and even fewer who can blend that pattern recognition with the no-nonsense pragmatism necessary to affect real change. Al Byers is one of these rare individuals.

Al commands a deep working knowledge of pedagogy, policy, and technology; as well as the on-the-ground realities of teacher professional development, non-profit membership organization management, and the subtle mechanics of working with government agencies. In addition to his educational leadership skills, Al possesses innate business acumen and political astuteness that are amply demonstrated in his successful track record of innovative program development and data-driven project management.

It has been my good fortune to work with Al on a range of projects, and I continually value his analysis, vision, and constructive feedback. As a result, I recommend Al Byers as a pacesetter for the K12 STEM Education community and as an excellent colleague.” September 1, 2011.

Susan Van Gundy, Director of Education and Strategic Partnerships and Deputy Director of the NSDL Resource Center, National Science Digital Library

“I have had the honor to collaborate with Al on many projects over the past ten years and have always been impressed with his level of professional integrity and commitment to the production of the highest quality educational experiences. He supervises a responsive team of experts who provide outstanding service to the science education community. Al is a recognized innovator in educational technology and I value his recommendations and his partnership.” August 22, 2011.

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Peg Steffen, Education Coordinator, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

“I've worked with Al for many years on interactive projects for science education and distance learning. Al has the wonderful ability to think strategically and keep the team focused on the big goal while not losing site of the details. He's tenacious, insightful, great to work with, and he gets great results. I highly recommend Al Byers.” June 23, 2011.

David Poteet, President, NewCity.

“I have known and worked with Al for more than ten years. I find him to be extremely knowledgeable, willing to share his knowledge, and anxious to help improve education for all. He is highly dependable, an innovative thinker, and a darn nice person. I highly recommend Al since I know he will do what is asked of him and frequently more, on time and to a high standard.” April 20, 2011.

Dr. Tom Keller, Senior Program Officer, National Academy of Sciences.

“I have worked with Al over the past five years in various capacities but primarily development of the NSTA Learning Community. Al's vision, hard work and leadership capacity moved the e-learning portion of this effort forward in ways that would never have happened without him. His vision, coupled with committed efforts to fund the development of the vision and make it a reality, are impressive. Most importantly, he did not prescribe specific ways in which I should work, but instead outlined the vision and provided me the flexibility to work in ways that best aligned with my style and allowed me to develop a quality product.” June 21, 2011.

Dr. Susan Koba, President National Science Education Leadership Association 2011.

“Al Byers is an energetic and highly organized professional with the ability to analyze and summarize ideas in a flash! Over the past several years I have had the pleasure to confer with him on a variety of educational projects that I and my coworkers have taken on. No matter how complex the problems have been, he has always been able suggest a brilliant, elegant, and cost-effective approach. When you connect with Al, you'll discover that he is an amazing resource with a top-notch set of skills in educational outreach!” March 9, 2010.

Troy Cline, Senior Science and Educational Technology Coordinator, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

“Al is a forward-thinking educator who cares deeply about the professionalization of teaching. His work is grounded in research, and he values teachers' role in reforming education. He also recognizes that technology is a transformative force that could add new dimensions to the education process. Hard worker, jovial fellow, and always receptive to new ideas.” November 11, 2009.

Phoenix Wang, Program Officer, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

“Al Byers leads the production of effective, instructionally sound courseware and other online and offline resources for science teachers across the US. This highly interactive courseware is widely regarded as an essential resource in keeping the standard of science education high. Additionally, Al's management of NSTA's innovative conferences and symposia on science education has made them invaluable to science education. He has been effective in involving scientists across the country in supporting science education through NSTA, thus making essential contributions to the next generation's scientific leaders. A strong leader with high ethical standards and a genuine warmth for people, Al is liked as well as respected by the teams he leads. He genuinely cares about his people as well as the quality of the product, and his dedication and commitment are communicated in everything that he does.” December 21, 2007.

Terry Mackey, Director of eLearning and Training, SAIC


The NSTA Learning Center Testimonials

district logos of NSTA Learning Center testimonials

The NSTA Learning Center has garnered numerous testimonials from various state and district science supervisors and universities. The Learning Center has been under my direction, vision, and responsibility since its inception five years ago. I am very fortunate to lead an outstanding team that has helped me bring this national e-PD portal to fruition, and in cooperation with the partnerships and support of multiple foundations and the government agencies. Without the support of Gerry Wheeler, Executive Director Ermitus of NSTA, and Frank Owens, Retired Associate Executive Director of Professional Programs, this could not have been possible. I appreciate their relentless support and freedom to allow me to create the vision that is still a work in progress today as we enhance features based on research-derived strategies, user data, theory and innovation.

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Aerospace Education Specialist Commendations
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


US Department of Education Seal

March 5, 2008

Mr. Byers

Thank you very much for your extended and detailed comments [for the Doing What Works web site]. I particularly appreciate your thoughtfulness on the usability/navigability side of things. We are in complete agreement that we need to make some changes to the navigation and improve the usability (Doing What Works 2.0, if you will). That probably won't happen before this content goes live, but I'm hoping that we'll have some changes in the next 3-5 months. Your comments are very useful as we start planning that testing.

Thank you very much!

Jennifer Riccards

Doing What Works

Invitation and background:
The Doing What Works website, run by the U.S. Department of Education takes research-based education practices and translates them into useable, practical information for educators. The new content we are currently previewing is on the topic of Encouraging Girls in Math and Science, and is based on a Practice Guide (of the same name) released by the Institute of Education Sciences last September. As an expert in this area, we would love your thoughts and suggestions on this content before it gets moved to the live, public website.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you.

Jennifer Riccards

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September 24, 2006

Al Byers,

The West Virginia Department of Education wishes to express our
appreciation of your recent visit to the WV State Special Education County Directors conference on September 15, 2006. Major leaders in special education including our WVDE Executive Director expressed their positive
impression with the NSTA SciPack being utilized for professional development of special education teachers. Thank you for another top quality presentation.

On October 5, 2006 the WV Council for Exceptional Children Conference
will be held in Huntington, WV. We would be thrilled if you could join us in presenting the SciPack Special Education proposal drafted by the WVDE. Should you be able to join us, we would present for 30 minutes to about 125 attendees of the conference. Following our presentation in the general session we would have a 90 minute breakout session to present a
more in depth and personalized presentation of the SciPack project.

Again, we thank NSTA and also you specifically in your shared interest to provide the highest quality science education possible for the students of WV. The value our partnership cannot be expressed highly enough.

John Putnam
Science Assessment Coordinator
West Virginia Department of Education
Building 6, Room 717
1900 Kanawha Blvd., East Charleston, WV 25305-0330

Maine State Department of Education
Augusta, Maine, July 1997

Letter 1
Dear Al:

I am very belatedly taking keyboard in hand to express my most heartfelt appreciation for the extraordinary effort you made on Maine's behalf relative to our recent celebration of the accomplishments of our students in science and math. That event, planned with a very short time line, was a NASA centered extravaganza and your role was paramount.

When you took the podium, after being introduced by the Governor and Commissioner, and started your presentation, a hush truly fell over the crowd of 1,000 plus students and teachers as you wove the tale of seeing and feeling the shuttle launch. It was clearly inspiring. Then to show the footage of you and others in the free fall event solidified the students' view of you as someone to emulate.

I know of some of the special efforts you had to undertake (and probably will never know the myriad of details that had to be completed) to participate in our event and we certainly thank you. Job extremely well done.

Thanks again, Al.

Thomas E. Keller
REST/Science -Maine Department of Education

Letter 2
Dear Al:

Thank you for your willingness to come to Maine in support of our celebration of the success of our students in mathematics and science on the NAEP tests. The enthusiasm you shared in pursuing your career dream sent exactly the right message to students, and the video clip of your experience with a micro-gravity environment reinforced it. There are 1000 Maine students who may now understand the need and the rewards for pursuing academic excellence.

Again, thank you for sharing your experience with our students.

J. Duke Albanese
Commissioner of Maine Education

Horace Maxcy, Ph.D.
Maine/NAEP Coordinator


Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Annapolis, Maryland, October, 1997

Mr. Frank Owens
Education Director
NASA Education Division
Code FEE,
Washington, DC 20546-0001

Dear Mr. Owens:

On October 1, 1997, Al Byers did a presentation for a committee of educators in Anne Arundel County Public Schools who are writing elementary science curriculum based on the SEM Project for NASA. It was one of the most exciting and informative days that we had ever experienced. Al Byers is one who knows his job and does it extremely well.

On the day prior to the presentation, Al arrived at the Carver Staff Development Center in the afternoon with an endless number of boxes and trunks. He literally transformed one of our classrooms into a mini-space lab with an authentic space suit, microgravity demonstrations, rocket launching activities, and many other artifacts and experiments. The transformation took hours and stretched into the evening. Even so, Al arrived very early on the day of the presentation to do a final check of his computer equipment and set up for activities for this presentation. The repacking of all this equipment at the end of the day was no less time consuming.

Al orchestrated the presentation with enthusiasm and precision. Everyone agreed he was so well matched to his job. We were fortunate to have had someone who could communicate his knowledge about space in a very understandable and practical manner. It was a day very well spent.

Al is a wonderful asset to your organization. He is hardworking, knowledgeable, motivating and very personable. It was a joy to have the opportunity to work with him and we hope to continue our working relationship with him as we develop our curriculum in the Gifted and Talented Office of Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

Thank you for providing such a valuable resource to us.

Diane T. Sprague
Coordinator of Gifted/Talented Advanced Programs

Tina McKnight
Gifted/Talented Resource Teacher

Carver Staff Development Center
Anne Arundel County Public Schools
2644 Riva Road, Annapolis, MD 21401


Eastern Connecticut State University
Willimantic, CT, September, 1997

Dear Mr. Byers

I am writing to thank you for your presentation on "Students in Space-Space Experiment Module" on July 11 at NASA Days at Eastern Connecticut State University. I heard many positive comments from people attending the conference about your presentation. I will probably be calling on you to present again. Please remember that without you putting on this conference would be impossible.

Warmest regards,

Jacqueline K. Bowman
Asst. Professor
Eastern Connecticut State University
83 Windham Street,
Willimantic, CT 06226


Chesterfield County Public Schools
Richmond, Virginia, February, 1997

Dr. Bob Gabrys
Chief Education Programs
Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Dear Dr. Gabrys:

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Mr. Al Byers, a NASA Aerospace Education Specialist, for his recent visit to the Chesterfield County Public Schools. On Monday, February 17, Mr. Byers presented a workshop to elementary and middle school teachers entitled "Living and Working in Space/Microgravity." On three subsequent days he also visited two elementary schools and one middle school to present programs to students.

We feel especially fortunate to have had someone as able and talented as Mr. Byers to present NASA programs to our teachers and students. His ability to address and hold the attention of diverse groups on aerospace topics is certainly outstanding. His presentations were well planned and in each instance were appropriate to the individual audience. And, the fact that Mr. Byers made a special effort to visit our schools enhances our already high estimation of him.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is very well represented by educators such as Mr. Al Byers. We would feel honored to have him return at any time and hope that will indeed be a future possibility.


Wallace O. Pendleton, Jr.
Instructional Specialist for Science
Instruction Division Center
2318 McRae Road
Richmond, VA 23235


Booth Hill School
Shelton, CT, March, 1997

Mr. Larry Bilbrough
NASA Headquarters
Code FEE
Washington, DC 20546

Dear Mr. Bilbrough

The NASA visit to Booth Hill School was one of the most exciting and educationally enriching programs we have ever sponsored. The teachers who participated in the workshop have commented frequently about how useful the information and the activities were in enhancing their lessons throughout the year.

The presentations for the students were excellent. All of our students from Kindergarten through Grade 6 were delighted to learn more about the "real life" of our astronauts and the many related responsibilities that make the space program so successful.

A major reason for the success of the program was Mr. Al Byers, the presenter. His manner of conducting the workshop and presentations made everyone, adults, and students alike, comfortable and responsive to the information he had to share. The teachers tell me that since Al's visit, the students in the upper grades always apply what he taught them to any type of lessons that they are currently learning. Many a thought is phrased....When NASA was here they...during any type of class discussion on space.

No words can truly express how grateful we are for Al's visit to Booth Hill School. Our sincere thanks for providing us with the NASA experience. We would welcome another visit at any time. I hope you enjoy reviewing the evaluations, pictures and newspaper articles I'm enclosing."

Sharon W. Spicer
Cultural Arts Chairperson
Booth Hill Elementary School

Please write 2-3 sentences relating your impression of Mr. Al Byers as a presenter.

Excellent presenter. Mr. Byers was interesting, funny, and very well-versed in the information he presented. He was very knowledgeable and shared this information in a fast-paced understandable way. I tremendously enjoyed the workshop...

I was inspired by Mr. Byers quick wit, style, and presentation method. I loved the pace and would definitely incorporate this style into my own....

Mr. Byers was excellent. His use of vocabulary and explanations were easy to understand. His use of simple household good to demonstrate an idea were super...

Mr. Al Byers was a dynamic speaker. He truly understood how to hold the attention of his audience while being informative about the workings of NASA. A great program!

Mr. Byers was an enthusiastic speaker who presented the space material on a level that was appropriate for teacher and student. His knowledge of the manned space flights and the principles of aeronautics and rocketry was informative and well presented. Excellent presentation and assembly.


Elizabeth Shelton School
Shelton, CT, October 1996

Dr. Kenneth Wiggins
Director OSU
300 North Cordell
Stillwater, OK 74078-8034

Dear Dr. Wiggins:

...I would like to express my thanks to NASA for offering such a wonderful program to the students. Teachers are still coming up to me and thanking me for making your workshop and assembly program available to them. Many have said it was one of the best cultural arts programs we've had at our school! Many teachers have already been using Mr. Byers ideas in their classrooms--yesterday two 5th grade classes made rockets and launched them outside. The students loved it.

I would also like to say how lucky NASA is to have such a wonderful educator as Mr. Al Byers working for you. Mr. Byers enthusiasm and energy during his assembly presentation was contagious. He held the audience (k-6) captive for an hour. Teachers and students alike were impressed by his knowledge of astronauts, space and space travel. May of these children have not been fortunate enough to visit the NASA space program in Florida and this program opened up a new world of possibilities to them. Who knows how many future astronauts Mr. Byers may have inspired! I sat through all three afternoon question and answer sessions and was impressed by Mr. Byers ability to take complex ideas and theories and relate them to the students in a way they could understand."

Again, I want to thank NASA and especially Mr. Al Byers for bringing this excellent program to the students of Shelton.

Patricia Costeines
Cultural Arts Chairperson
Elizabeth Shelton School
138 Willoughby Road
Shelton, CT 06484


Angelo Tomaso School
Warren, NJ, April 1996

"I am delighted to have this opportunity to comment on the wonderful teacher workshop and student presentations that were provided by NASA Presenter, Mr. Albert Byers. As a teacher trainer, Mr. Byers earned the immediate respect of our staff. They soon realized that his well designed presentation was filled with ideas and activities that could easily be incorporated into their classroom program. Along with his ability to convey, in a relatively short period of time, an immense body of knowledge, Mr. Byers' enthusiasm for aerospace education virtually propelled us through his well designed instructional presentation. As a result of his commitment, talent and energy, Mr. Byers proved that learning is fun!"

The lecture demonstrations that Mr. Byers provided for the children of Warren were of equal quality to that which he presented to the teachers. The importance of outer space exploration was a significant component in his presentation. Judging from the excitement and enthusiasm that he generated, I am sure that our students will continue to be fascinated and intrigued with outer space and its exploration.

On behalf of the staff and students of Warren, I would like to convey to your educational services division our sincere appreciation for enabling Mr. Byers to share with us his knowledge and special talents."

With appreciation,
Michael Galliana
Ed. D., Principal


Solomon Schechter Day School
West Hartford, CT, May 1996

"The NASA program you presented was quite outstanding! Many thanks for doing such a great job. Your enthusiasm was infectious, your knowledge impressive, you are a very fine teacher.

The school appreciates everything very much. We hope you will be able to return soon!"

Most Sincerely,
Mervyn K. Danker


Yavneh Academy
Paramus, NJ, May 1996

"On behalf of the faculty and student body here at Yavneh Academy, I wish to express our universal appreciation for two days of uplifting, enthralling and informative experiences on Tuesday, May 21st and Wednesday, May 22, 1996.

The hands-on activities for teachers were especially useful since they demonstrated the principle of rocketry with simple experiments using everyday materials. But what was truly a diverting and illuminating activity was the communication video which highlighted the need to provide clear and precise directions when working with youngsters.

The assembly programs were equally exciting especially your exhibiting the miniature models of advanced aircraft and spacecraft.

Your skillful handling of students' questions and your swift factual replies impresses all of us. Yes, the NASA program was a memorable event at our school thanks to your careful planning and imaginative presentation.

Please accept our full measure of gratitude."

Sincerely Yours,
Phillip Thau
Assistant Principal


United States Space Foundation-NASA Workshop
October 1996

"Mr. Jack Flannery, the United States Foundation Executive Director, was delighted with your presentation at the NEWEST/NEWMAST meeting on October 4, 1996. He commented that your ability to hold the group's attention during the hands-on activity was very impressive. He suggested that we share with you information regarding the Foundation and our education programs..."

Darlina Swartz
Assistant Director of Education

Student Feedback Letter
October 1996

"I liked the show and the things I learned. I liked the spaceships the best. I liked the one where you could go to California and it only takes you 8 1/2 minutes. That one is cool. Thank you for coming to our class and tell us more about space. I learned a lot from you. I never knew about space and was not interested in space. But now I am interested since I know more about space. It was fun learning about space."


Michelle Fletcher

Aerospace Education Services Program Workshop Evaluation Feedback
March 1996

"Al did a wonderful job! I was very pleased and will use several of his activities when I in service teachers. The materials were all easy and inexpensive to obtain and Al showed how they can be easily replicated for the classroom"

"Al was great-very exciting to listen to and watch. The teachers loved him. Just read the attached teacher evaluations. He shared a wealth of information and surpassed my expectations!"

"Excellent program. Well received by children and staff. Mr. Byers is a motivated and extremely interesting presenter. His high degree of enthusiasm carries over to his audiences!"

"Thank You! Al was most personable and motivational. The student follow-up writing/drawings were excellent, thanks to his inspirational spirit!"

"Mr. Byers did an outstanding job of presenting. I received nothing but positive feedback from my students and teachers!"

"Excellent presentation! Presenter was well organized and his presentation was very motivational. On behalf of our school- Thank you."

"The presenter, Al Byers, showed a great deal of enthusiasm during the presentation. The programs was well received by the students and the teachers."

"Al Byers' enthusiasm and clarity made these workshop presentations the best I've been to! The information will have a definite impact on my students. Al brought difficult topics and concepts to their realm of experience and peaked their interest in science. He made the information applicable to something real and interesting!"

Science Teachers Association of New York State
STANYS 101st Annual State Conference
Holbrook, NY, November 1996

"I have to say, I'm an earth science teacher for 9th grade, and this is the first professional statewide conference I've traveled to overnight. I was slightly late arriving, but was able to attend Mr. Byers' "Human Exploration and Development of Space Workshop" starting at 9:30 AM. Wow, nothing I witnessed the remainder of the day could compare to the activities Al allowed us to do individually.

The information was relevant and will provide an excellent experimental study for my students. Al was extremely adept at mixing "hands-on" activities with NASA science content. I also appreciated him linking these activities to the current National Science Education and Math Standards. Awesome job!"

Putman Northern Westchester BOCES
Westchester, PA, November 1995

"Best workshop I've been too! The objectives were clear and achieved. The content provided by this workshop was substantial and relevant to my learning needs. I can't wait to use the "hands-on" materials. Al was well organized and used effective teaching techniques. The presentation was very applicable to my classroom. Additionally, Al was extremely knowledgeable! Great job! You were highly motivating and I plan to use all of it in my classroom. "


HC Johnson Elementary School
Jackson, NJ, October 1995

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for having Al Byers, an Aerospace Education Specialist, on your staff. Mr. Byers has just been to our elementary school and provided our students with a wonderful experience in both the two assemblies and the series of classroom presentations. I have received many compliments from parents whose children raved about Mr. Byers when they came home.

As Mr. Byers said to the children at the beginning of the assemblies, "This will be educational and interesting to you at the same time." Mr. Byers was certainly correct! Our students were well behaved and remained focused throughout the presentations.

Mr. Byers certainly has the "right stuff!" Again, thank you for providing our school with such a dynamic and knowledgeable individual as Mr. Byers."

Barry Rosenzweig

Columbus Elementary School
Utica, NY, October 1995

"The program that you presented was well received and excellent. Enclosed please find the questionaires that were to be completed...."

Comments summarized from the questionaires...Mr. Byers workshop was truly uplifting for the teachers, and motivational for the students. It's been several weeks since his visit and the teachers are still talking about it. The activities were presented such that the teachers themselves could gain confidence and a clear understanding prior to their anticipated use in the classroom. Mr. Byers is to be commended. Truly an outstanding job!"

Philip B. Geraci

Mary Hogan Elementary School
Middlebury, VT, October 1995

"My late thank you letter in no way reflects the level of our delight and gratefulness for your visit....

In all sincerity, we thank you very kindly for your fine educational presentation. We are delighted to report that every rocket, spacecraft, astronomy and space technology book in our huge library media center has been in continuous circulation since your visit. I even loaned Austin Dempewolfe, a cute first grader, some personal books from home after his mother reported, "Austin has been breathing, talking and dreaming SPACE every since that NASA visit!"

Enclosed, you will find some of the personal letters and picture from our youngsters. (I was not sure you wanted 600 of these, so I encouraged one large classroom card where possible.) I hope these letters will provide evidence of our deep appreciation for your enthusiastic and very informative presentation.

Lynne S. Balman
Associate Principal

Chesterfield County Public Schools
Richmond, VA, May 1995

"I would like to thank you for your assistance in planning and delivering the science in service for Chesterfield County Public Schools' science teachers on February 20, 1995. In addition to working with me to plan and organize countywide in service activities, you presented, with little notice, a demonstration of the Data Harvest calculator-based laboratory probeware. The teacher response to your presentation was enthusiastic, and because of your efforts, we better understand the uses and applications of these new technologies in the secondary science classroom.

We acknowledge your commitment to science education, knowing that you will continue to make substantive contributions throughout your career."

Wallace O. Pendleton, Jr.
Instructional Specialist for Science

Selected Evaluation Comments

We saw really cool things to do with probes. I want them. The presenter was very enthusiastic. Probes on the computer would be great to have in any science classroom.

The instructor modeled good teaching techniques using the computer. The computer seemed easy to use. At the next in service I hope that we have more Al Byers taught computer classes!

Great presenter. Nice to hear someone so enthusiastic! Dynamic, quick, went from idea to idea. I like that. Easy to understand.

Something very useful that we did today was to see how quickly and easy probes can be used as a learning tool for higher thinking skills. This is the first time this type of technology was shown that it could be used in middle school.


Mathematics and Science Center
Richmond, Virginia, April, 1993

Dear Al:

Thanks for the terrific job you did in planning and teaching the rocketry in service course here at the Center. Enclosed are copies of the teachers' evaluations. As you can see, they all had very positive comments about the program.

I really enjoy all the enthusiasm and expertise you bring to your teaching! I'm looking forward to continuing to work with you on the summer Governor's School Program.

Vicki Clark
Program Specialist
Mathematics and Science Center,
2401 Hartman Street
Richmond, VA, 23223