Advisory and Grant Review Panels

Below are a list of grant review and advisory panels I have served on since 1995.
I have served as principal investigator, primary contractor, or project director for approximately $28 million dollars in total awards with our partners since joining the National Science Teachers in May 2001.

Period 1995-2012:

  • Invited Guest Editorial Reviewer: The Journal of Science Teacher Education (JSTE). John Staver and Lynn Bryan, Editors-in-Chief (2012).

  • NSF DRK-12 Award to the American Museum of Natural History, the NY State Department of Education, and the NY State Board of Regents. Program will develop a master's degree program targeting teacher preparation in Earth/Space science that involves online learning coupled with in-state residency experiences, and targeted mentoring for teachers in high urban areas in grades 7-12. Senior advisory panel. August 2011-present.

  • US Department of Education: Educational Technology-Focused
    Online Communities of Practice (ED-PEP-10-R-0053). Primary Technical Working Group advisory committee. September 2010-present. Awarded to Learning Point Associates.

  • NSF National Science Digital Library STEM EXCHANGE working group. Invited member. Discussing how to leverage digital assets for more effective learning as part of community. March 2010-March 2011. Washington, D.C. (Now part of US Department of Education Learning Registry initiative).

  • NSF Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence-Ocean Systems (COSEE-OS). External Advisory Committee Member. Assist in visioning for online learning and e-professional development. January 2010-present. University of Maine. See:

  • e2Biology Symposium. NSF sponsored. Invited contributor. Assist in developing vision and strategic plan for an electronic introductory biology program with a focus on evolution for undergraduates. January 13-15, 2010. Durham, NC.

  • Planning for the Future of Geo-cyber learning. NSF sponsored. Invited contributor. January 7-10, 2010. Washington, D.C.

  • Invited Expert Review, National Education Technology Standards for Teachers, International Society for Technology in Education, March, 2008.
    Web Site:

  • Invited Expert Reviewer, US Department of Education. Doing What Works web site. March 2008.
    Web Site:

  • Invited Expert Reviewer, NAEP Science Framework Prioritization Expert Panel Meeting sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics. April, 2008.
    Web Site:

  • Science Learning through Cyber Resources: Senior Advisory Council. NSF grant awarded to Stephen's Institute of Technology, League for Innovation in the Community College, and the National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs. 2008. Support Letter.

  • NOAA Office of Education. Environmental Literacy Grant Review Panel, 2006.

  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: Adolescence and Young Adulthood/Science Standards Review Committee, 2002-2004. Developed competencies for NBPTS Certification process.

  • NASA Space Telescope Science Institute, Peer Review Grant Panel, Hubble Space Telescope Cycle 12 Education and Public Outreach, September 2003. Distributed Awards.

  • NASA Explorer Schools Web Jam Design Team, Marshall Space Flight Center. Design workshop, May 2003. Explorer Schools web site.

  • NASA Ralph Steckler/Space Grant Colonization Research and Technology Opportunity, Peer Review Grant Panel, June 2002.

  • National Science Foundation, Anticipating the Role of Emerging Technologies in Science Education, Senior Advisory Peer Review Grant Panel, October 2002.

  • Networking for Leadership, Inquiry, and Systemic Thinking Senior Technology Advisor. Council of State Science Supervisors under a grant from NASA Education. 1999-2001.